One-stop customized quality IT solutions at affordable prices

Quality services at affordable prices
Shared foldersShare your files among office users with complex privileges setting. $200$1000
Remote accessAccess files in another office. $200$1000
Web serverWant to have your own web server avoiding recurring fees? $100$100/year
Email serverWant to have your own email server without account number/quotation limit and avoid recurring fees? $600*$30/user/year
Onsite backupsRestore data from days, weeks or months ago. $200**$30/month
Remote backupSecure your data by keeping remote backups. $10/month***$50/month
Other servicesPlease contact us.

* Up to 20 email accounts. $20 per additional account.
  • ** Backup devices not included.
  • *** Up to 20GB data. Lower unit cost for additional storage. Remote backups are kept on Twin Hill backup server and can be easily accessed from secured website.
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