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A start up company ...

For a start-up, another IT firm proposed an initial setup fee of 23K and monthly maintenance of 14K, while Twin Hill set up the system for 6K and $700 monthly maintenance.

A data backup server ...

For a replacement of a data backup server, another IT firm proposed 6K while Twin Hill built it for 2K.

What clients are saying about Twin Hill

Twin Hill saved us more than 50% ...

Twin-Hill is outstanding among IT support firms because they bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity, a demonstrated quality work ethic and strong desire to resolve our IT issues with creative and cost-effective approaches that meet our business needs. Twin-Hill saved us more than 50% in IT startup costs during our business launch as compared to the quotes we obtained from other IT companies.

From the very first day of our contact with Twin-Hill, I have felt that everyone has strived to build a productive partnership with a transparent and responsive approach which prioritizes our business needs. I have never been left dangling on the end of a phone or felt we were "just another client."

I have found Twin-Hill to be a super efficient and speedy service that I can rely on. The skill level and professionalism has made me very comfortable to use them and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

    -Zhanhua Ma, VP, a coal-fired power generation operations design company

(Twin Hill) carried out in a professional, friendly manner ...

Twin-Hill has been instrumental in the set up and implementation of all our computer requirements, including Windows and Linux-based systems. I have found their service and attention to detail exceptional. The work is always carried out in a professional, friendly manner and they have never over-quoted my requests while making sure I have exactly what I need at the best price. I strongly recommend them to anyone who has any computer requirements.

    -Manfred Enburg, VP, a Transportation Engineering company

(Twin Hill was) easy to schedule the appointment ...

Frank was very easy to schedule the appointment. He came to my place of business and installed the necessary software. The process was very quick and convenient. The appointment took about 30 minutes for the security upgrade as well as the remote files backup.

     -Michael Larson, Principal, an insurance services company