One-stop customized quality IT solutions at affordable prices

Why should you choose Twin Hill

We treat customer as first priority

We take customer satisfaction as our first priority, as we believe only when our customers succeed, do we succeed.

We understand your exact needs

We work closely with you to understand your exact IT needs.

We eliminate unnecessary or overwhelming parts or functions

We propose the best working solution to satisfy your needs, with no unnecessary or overwhelming parts or functions.

Our one-stop solutions save you both money and time

We provide one-stop solutions for your IT needs, saving you both time and money.
    Find the list of our services here.

We have both Linux and Windows expertise

We have over 15 years of experience in both Linux and Windows.
    Linux is widely believed to be much more reliable than Windows and is free! Please google "Linux vs. Windows" and find more about how other people say about Linux.
    We do not ask you to use Linux at your desktop or laptop, though that will save you money too. We primarily use Linux at the backend servers, while you still use Windows or Mac at the front end.

We assemble computers

We have built and assembled hundreds of computers from parts such as motherboards, memory sticks, etc., which can save you money while satisfying your exact needs!

We offer free first time consultation

We offer first time free consultation to give advises on your IT situation. If your IT support is in a good shape, we will inform you to feel happy. If we find rooms for improvement of quality, or for saving on costs, we will provide a detailed analysis for your reference.